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We offer the only unlimited free CCNA Course retake policy in the industry. You can retake your course until you pass, free of charge. NOBODY in our industry but Commsupport will give you an offer like this. This is just one of the many things we offer that make us stand out from the rest. Find out for yourself and take our free class. You have nothing to lose and so much knowledge to gain. Contact us today for more information.

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After numerous years of delivering our successful and popular instructor led classroom based training we have gone on to now develop our very own unique Integrated learning Program which combines the very best of Classroom based training and the convenience and flexibility of on-line E-learning, we have called it Hybrid EC-Learning Program™ (H.E.L.P™)

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We make sure that our Hands-on labs are laid out to assist you in understanding exactly what you are doing every step of the way. Our hands-on CCNA Training labs are the only labs in the industry which will guide you through the everyday common configurations you will encounter in the real world and in the exam. Don't hesitate and enroll in our free class to see what we are all about. Find out why Commsupport is the best Cisco training school around.

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We take pride that on every course we run we are teaching you network engineering, making sure we do this by having the most comprehensive and detailed hands-on labs exercises in the U.K, also we are the only school to use the Break/Fix™ training methodology, you build it we break it,you fix it!

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Have you ever been to a classroom course and then a few weeks later can't remember what your instructor said despite it being a very important and interesting subject. We solved this problem by recording each and everyone of our classroom courses, so now when you finish your classroom course with us you get to keep the course forever. We are the First and only IT training company in the UK to offer this unique service.

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We offer our students twice weekly revision sessions. Before and after the course you can get up to speed before you come on our courses and even after you can join in the live sessions to keep your skills sharp and current. Once again the first and only IT Training company in the UK to offer this service. Why settle for less?

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Free Retake Policy
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9 Day CCNA include 3 day Intro to Networking course

Intro To Networking


Classroom based Instructor
3 Day Course
Best Course to start Networking
Lots of Exercises



Classroom Based Instructor
3 Day Course
VoIP Training
Real Live Kit



Classroom based Instructor
5 Day Course
Real Cisco ASA
Lots of Real World Labs



Classroom based Instructor
10 Day CCNP
Route + Switch + Tshoot
Lots of fault finding labs


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Finally after many months of tweaking this that and the other we have launched our new look website. The previous one had a long hard life, so we took it out the back and shot it. Keep an eye on the this new site, we will be adding new features over the next few months to help you in your quest for Cisco Greatness Many thanks Joe

Become a Lab Rat, get your claws dirty! Cisco CCNA Assessment test… We believe that the only way for you to prove you know what you know is to show it. At the end of every one of our Cisco CCNA class we put you through a comprehensive lab assessment so that you may be able to gauge your skill and knowledge level. When you pass (80% pass mark) we will as Commsupport act as references on your C.V, because if you can pass our LabRat practical lab then as far as we are concerned you are the dogs! UB 40 once sang about a rats in the kitchen. Rats in the kitchen are no good to us they’ll eat all the cornflakes, so we herded them into the classroom to make them work with us as assistants We are always looking for fresh LabRats to work with us in the classroom so that they can gain experience helping out other aspiring CCNA students with technical questions, fault finding and general questions. How do you become a LabRat for Commsupport Networks?, well you can either take the LabRat practical exam or alternatively once you have completed your CCNA with Commsupport Read more…

When Cheap does not mean cheap If we had a pound every time we were asked “Why are you so cheap?” we could close our doors and retire. We wish we could claim that we started the whole discounting revolution but that accolade has to go to the likes of Southwest airlines in America and Ryanair in the UK, they led the way. They showed the world that charging high prices did not necessarily justify the product, but by offering low prices they proved that compromises did not have to be made in safety or the quality of the aircraft which they operated But how is it possible that Ryanair and Easyjet can fly you across Europe for £1. We like to call it “Economic Intelligence”. We apply the same Economic Intelligence to our business, for example all Commsupport office staff other than instructors all work remotely to reduce unnecessary office overhead costs, we run an almost 99% paperless office and negotiate hard with all our suppliers down to the very last last penny on all of our purchases so that we can pass the savings onto our students. Like Tescos’ say “every little helps”, everything helps down to helping Read more…

Which is best, you decide, let the numbers speak for themselves So we need to find out which is more effective and conductive to learning along with which method produces the best results in the long run and of course in today’s climate which is the most affordable and less costly in respect to time taken.Lets do some maths, so get your crayons out. 1. Having spoken to lots of people that have come onto our courses and speaking to people in I.T in general we determined how long it takes on average to self study concluded that it can take anywhere between 4 and 9 months of at least 2 hours study per day. So lets take the average duration of time between 4 and 9 which is 6 months. 6 months x 30 days per month = 180 days, that’s 180 days of straight study with no breaks 2. Not allowing for a single day off from study, we are calculating that you will study solidly for 6 months of at least 2 hours per day minimum 180 days x 2 hours per day = 360 hours of study 360 hours of study which means that you have Read more…

BPDU Guard As a CCNA / CCNP candidate you are expected to understand the purpose and function of Spanning-tree BPDU guard. The CCNA / CCNP’s exam will ask of you to determine the purpose of the BPDUGuard (Bridge Protocol Data Unit) within the spanning-tree protocol. Before we go into detail as to the purpose of the BPDU Guard feature a quick recap on the spanning-tree protocol is required. Spanning-tree is a protocol which is designed to prevent physical and/or logical loops in your layer 2 network. Spanning-tree achieves this loop free environment by first of all electing a device to act as the focal point of the network which all other switches measure themselves from. This focal point role is an elected role. The election of the focal point known as the “Root Bridge” is done at the very start of spanning-tree determining the loop free topology, the election of the Root Bridge is carried out by using a combination of the switches MAC address and a value known as the “Default Priority”. These two values are conveyed into the network via BPDU’s.  BPDU’s are used by spanning-tree to maintain a stable state network. In standard 802.1D spanning-tree for instance Read more…

As a CCNP candidate you are expected to understand the BGP Weight component in BGP path selection. During your career as a Cisco network engineer may come across BGP and will be required to configure certain aspects of it operation. BGP is a very tunable protocol which lets you engineer the paths which BGP chooses to reach prefixes it learned from any peers. One of the settings within BGP on a cisco router which we can use to tune the path chosen by BGP is called “Weight” A Cisco router can look at the weight given to a route and determine if to take that route. When a Cisco router receives a BGP update it will set the weight either on a single prefix or on all the routes learnt via a particular neighbour. The weight feature is a Cisco only feature which is therefore not found on any other BGP implementation on any other routers. Weight is never advertised to a neighboring router so it cannot be learnt from another router Cisco or otherwise. To use the weight feature it has to be set to look at all incoming routes from a neighbour, since this feature is a proprietary Read more…

(but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery) Hello all, Joe here. When I started Commsupport in the famous garden shed at the end of my garden on that cold January in 2007 many people used to call and ask how I could offer courses at such low prices when every other training company was charging thousands for the same course, well since that fateful January I have proved that a great course can be delivered despite the low cost much to the distress of my competitors. Some would say why didn’t I just tow the line and offer the same courses at the same prices and make a killing. The truth is I could have easily done that, but I have always been the sort of person that loves a good scrap and that’s exactly how we like to view ourselves, we’re the underdogs, friday night bar room brawlers, above all we want to be different from the legions of sharks out there. It is this view that has been the driving force behind the idea that we have to be the first to innovate new ideas and concepts, it really annoys the market but benefits our students. The Read more…

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