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When I started Commsupport in the famous garden shed at the end of my garden on that cold January in 2007 many people used to call and ask how I could offer Cisco CCNA courses at such low prices when every other training company was charging thousands for the same course, well since that fateful January I have proved that a great course can be delivered despite the low cost much to the distress of my competitors.

Some would say why didn't I just tow the line and offer the same CCNA courses at the same prices and make a killing. The truth is I could have easily done that, but I have always been the sort of person that loves a good scrap and that's exactly how we like to view ourselves, we're the underdogs, Friday night bar room brawlers, above all we want to be different from the legions of sharks out there. It is this view that has been the driving force behind the idea that we have to be the first to innovate new ideas and concepts, it really annoys the market but benefits our students.

The first, last and every moment in between my mind is occupied by the single thought of how to improve the experience that my students have with us. Ultimately it is you the student which puts the bread on our table and roof over our heads, this is a sentiment held by all of us at Commsupport, it's only logical you get the best course possible, to date I think we have done damn good job, over 2000 good jobs and counting. We run more CCNA classes per month than any other training company, twice as many than our nearest competitor. All of our instructors are full time network engineers when not teaching for Commsupport.

Free course retake policy

We are the first to admit that it is not always possible to absorb all the details in the class in one week, that is why we have made the videos which are effectively the entire week on-line, but sometimes you need more than that, that is why we have an unlimited free retake policy. so you can come back and re-take the CCNA Training Course all over again,this applies to all of our courses. No other training company will give you this type of dedication and service. Commsupport takes pride in all of our work and students. Your success is our success and we make sure everyone leaves here feeling successful.

Take the class home

That's right, at the end of every course with us we will give you the course to take away with you so you can go over all the topics as many times as you wish. No other Cisco I.T Training Company does this. Think about it, how much of a course can you recall after a few weeks. In short, ever course you will go on is a waste of time after a few weeks, with us you will never forget. Commsupport dedicates ourselves to making sure you leave here with all the information and knowledge possible to go out and be a successful network engineer. To reserve your spot in our next class make sure you check out our London Course Dates and sign up.

Try before you buy

If you want to see us in action then we invite you to come visit us and sit in on the Cisco CCNA / CCNP training courses before you make any decision, sit with the students take part in the class, no obligation. We really, really do recommend that you visit any training company before you part with your cash. We are so confident that you'll like Commsupport that we regularly lay on free one day training sessions so you can get an idea of what we are like and how we teach, no other school in the U.K offers a free one day course.

Cisco network engineer teachers

If you are serious about passing your exam and becoming a network engineer then who better to learn from than real network engineers, we only use real Cisco network engineers to teach our courses, when we are not teaching we are out on customer sites dealing with real networks. Read about our instructors. This is why we can offer our Certified Ethical Hacker course to you.

Comprehensive hands-on labs

It's not the size that counts, we don't measure the quality of our labs by the number of routers and switches in a lab like some others do. We measure our labs on the detail that the hands-on aspect covers. for example take our CCNA VLAN/VTP labs, nearly 60 pages of configuration and explanations, that's more than you'll get in any book you can buy today, the same goes for all of our hands-on labs. Our labs cover all of the material required to pass the CCNA and CCNP exams but we also add more to them to make them as relevant as possible to what you will see in the real world. We use our pioneering Break/FixTM fault finding sessions to make sure you really do absorb the information.

Learn how to fault find networks

We emphasize break fix on these CCNA / CCNP Training Courses, we devote a quarter of our courses to this, the only way to learn is to fix things, We break, you fix! We were the first school in the UK to introduce the Break/FixTM into the labs. Others schools have tried to copy our format, we were the first and still the best. Commsupport has been at the forefront of changing the way that I.T courses are taught, we really believe that innovating shows that we try hard.

Free exam software

The software prepares you for the real exam. The software runs through over a 1000 questions covering all of the CCNA topics exams including the simulation questions. The software prepares you for the real exam. We show and teach you how to use the software so you can practice your skills anywhere you like.

No slides policy

The sign of a true professional is being able to make do with out any notes or slides. We know our stuff and we know how to impart that hard won knowledge, and we do it the (Best) old fashioned way, by using "chalk 'n talk"

Small class sizes

Small class sizes means you get more time and attention from the instructor. Our classrooms are large and well equipped, we don't squeeze you into tiny little rooms like some of our competitors do and then have the cheek to call them "sophisticated"

One student, one lab

We run the most comprehensive and detailed CCNA and CCNP hands-on lab setup in the country, how do we know this?, well we have visited a majority of our competitors and viewed their labs, (sorry to the competition, but you have to do better than that). Each student in our courses gets their own real Cisco lab to work with.

Exam pass guarantee

Free course retakes until you pass , Free Retraining with our free re-train offer You can come back onto the CCNA or CCNP courses for free until you pass your exam, come back on the course for free, no matter if you have taken or not taken the exam.

Free network simulator software

The software prepares you for the real exam. We show and teach you how to use the software so you can practice your skills anywhere you like.

Free videos

We make all of our own videos, nothing but the best for our students, our videos contain as much information as our classroom lectures, so you can revisit the entire class on your own time in the comfort of your own home. Please visit our HM Forces page to see why they choose us over any other company.

No hard sell

We truly believe that we offer the best CCNA / CCNP courses in the UK. We don't just concentrate on getting you through the exam but also what happens to you after the exam which is to give you the real skills that you can use to get a job in networking and keep it. It is our policy is that we don't hound you with phone calls. Read more about us here.

We include extra topics in class

On our courses you are taught more than what is on the official Cisco CCNA/CCNP courses we include extra material which will make you a better network engineer. Keep an eye out for our blog. We will be updating it daily with fresh CCNA info.

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