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A Revolutionary way to Learn

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How It all Works!

Commsupport have launched the most radical project ever in the history of IT Courses!

We are offering FREE Live On-line Instructor Led IT Training courses. That's right, you read that correctly, FREE LIVE ON-LINE INSTRUCTOR LED TRAINING.

Maybe you've booked and been on a course, read the manuals watched the videos you purchased on some flashy looking mickey mouse website and despite all of this time and effort you are still not there yet. Well soon you will be able to forget worrying about spending loads of money on those dry monotone pre-recorded videos or squinting at a poorly made youtube video, our FREE LIVE ONLINE Instructor led courses will be the next best thing to being in the classroom.

During the LIVE ONLINE sessions you will be able to ask the instructor questions and work through problems, get to the bottom of that problem quicker and more efficiently. Our instructors will be making loads of workbooks available as additional material along with off-line pre-recorded videos for additional content and invites to private invitation only sessions.

All of the LIVE ONLINE sessions you attend are also recorded so if you need they can be made available for download so can watch your session as many times as you wish. This just keeps getting better !!!


These courses will be hosted by real live expert instructors, with real live interaction, you can ask questions and they will answer them, like to see a video you can do that. So no Boring, Stale, Pre-recorded, Monotone Videos passed off as "Courses" like you find on some sites trying to pass themselves off as "Education Sites". Ours will be totally live and REAL in true Commsupport Style.

To emphasise the LIVE classes are just that they are LIVE and NOT recordings

Stay One Step ahead of the Pack

With your membership to our FREE LIVE ON-LINE Instructor Led courses you can stay two steps ahead of the competition and save money at the same time. You will up skill faster and more efficiently, so you can earn that pay rise and look forward to a better career.

We like to say that there is only one network engineer training school in the UK, there is only one Commsupport! Join Up and we'll teach you a thing or two, and for Freeeeee... Please take the time to share this project on your Facebook page.

What courses will we be offering

Commsupport will be running various courses for free for example: Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Linux, Prince2, ITIL, Web Design, A+, N+ initially and as our on-line student base grows we will bring in more instructors and offer more and more courses.

we will be running from September/October/November will be:

> Microsoft Exchange
> Prince2 Foundation
> Cisco CCDA
> Cisco Fundamentals
> Comptia A+
> Comptia N+

As we build up a following we intend to increase the course catalogue.

Where's the catch?

Where is the Catch you might be asking!'s the problem here there is no Catch, these courses will be Free to Attend and Participate, just subscribe to the service below, you will be sent a regular e-mail telling you about launch date, and new up and coming courses so you can register to participate and away you go. (Don't worry we are not going to bombard you with e-mails, nor will we bombard you with adverts!).

Why free, how you making money???

Of course the instructors are not going to be teaching from the goodness of their own hearts, everyone has to make a living. At the end of each session you attend you will be able to purchase that session recording so that you can review it at your convenience. (Other session recordings will also be available in case you missed a session)

Other resources will also be made available by the instructor to purchase for you studies, such as workbooks, additional off-line videos, also special invites to closed invitation only sessions will be granted to those that attend all the sessions as a reward for commitment. (Think of it a levelling up on a computer game).

As an idea the session recordings would be priced around £1 to £3 ($1.5 to $5) depending on the material covered and duration of the course. So you get the benefit of the live session and the convenience of the recorded session in one hit !!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whats the Catch?

A: There is NO CATCH, the sessions are completely free to attend and participate, why are they free?, why the hell not !! And as to how we make money out of the free to attend and participate model is that we don't make any, but don't feel sorry for us, just remember that the sessions are free to attend and participate.

Q: Are these Free Live On-Line Instructor Led Courses Free to attend and participate?

A: Yes, the Free Live On-Line Instructor Led Courses Free to attend and participate.

Q. Are these Free Live On-Line Instructor Led Courses run by real live Instructors?

A: Yes, these Free Live On-Line Instructor Led Courses are run by real LIVE Instructors.

Q: Can I ask questions during the session?

A: Yes, there is a chat and ask questions facility, we sometimes mute all the attendees to reduce any possibility of echo, the instructor will be asking lots of questions so that all attendees can answer using the chat facility.

Q. Are the Sessions recorded for later viewing?

A: Yes, the Sessions will be recorded and made available for download.

Q: How many times can I attend

A: You may attend as many as you like, but we do ask is that once you enrol on a course that you attend and participate. Play Fair.

Q: What specialist equipment do I need?

A: To attend a meeting on a PC, the following is required:

A headset is required as to reduce feedback and to make the whole experience better, The Audio will be using VoIP so you will need a fast Internet connection.

- Internet Explorer® 6.0 or newer, Mozilla® Firefox® 2.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
- Windows® 2000, XP, 2003 Server or Vista
- Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection
- Minimum of Pentium® class 1GHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM (recommended) (2 GB of RAM for Windows® Vista)

To attend a meeting on MAC, the following is required:

System requirements:

- Safari™ 3.0 or newer, Firefox® 2.0 or newer (JavaScript™ and Java™ enabled)
- Mac OS® X 10.4 (Tiger®) or newer
- PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor (512 MB of RAM or better recommended)
- Cable modem, DSL, or better Internet connection

Q: How long will each session be??

A: Each session will generally be between 45 mins and 90 mins in duration.

Q: Can I pass or catch a virus

A: No, it is not possible to catch or spread a virus or become exposed to spyware when you are using the webinar as an attendee. The webinar screen-sharing technology preserves the secure barrier between systems.

Q. Will there be workbooks and exercises that I can perform on my own equipment if I am attending a technical course?

A: Yes, Workbooks and Exercises will be made available for download.

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